"Move Out and Draw Fire"

As Michael and I discussed what to inscribe inside our wedding rings, he insisted that it be something meaningful in addition to our wedding date. We tossed around many ideas, but none seemed to fit quite right. We wanted something unique and a phrase that would accurately describe what we hoped to accomplish in our marriage. "Move out and draw fire" is an army saying that basically means that in order to advance you have to move and then you will be fired upon. This is in contrast to the relative safety of just sitting in your foxhole, but not accomplishing anything positive. Michael and I knew that we wanted to gain positive ground for our family and for God, and we felt that this phrase would remind us of our goal and that any opposition we faced in our quest was an expected obstacle to overcome. As long as we knew we were in the will of God, we would achieve what we set out to do.

I had the phrase "Move out and draw fire" inscribed on Michael's headstone as another reminder to myself and all who know the meaning of the phrase. Of course, Michael is no longer "drawing fire," but I'm sure he is "moving out" more than ever in whatever work God has for him in Heaven. I am also assured that God still has plans for those of us left to live our lives here on this earth; good plans that include much joy and accomplishment, but we must move out to fulfill those plans.

-Justine Foster